We are here with you during these hard times.

We are supporting Digital Marketing campaigns to help the SME community get back up.

As the world deals with a pandemic, the whole world goes online.

People are buying things online. People want on-demand services. Our digital customers are staying at home most of the time! 

Now is the perfect time to develop E-commerce websites and do social media marketing. But let us admit it, even businesses are struggling. The budgets are shrinking and some businesses are hesitant to invest in Marketing because they are uncertain to get their money back. Digital Marketing is the way! But let’s face it, there is still a gap for digital skills in the Philippines. 

If your business is going online with no strategic plan, you might end up wasting money because your campaign can be unsustainable without a solid strategy.

Let’s us help you with a 3-step Strategic Approach to Professional Digital Marketing for your Business:

Review & Audit

Let us review and audit your online assets and the things that you have been doing then find out what works and what doesn’t.

Strategy & Development

Working with Digital Marketing professionals enables you to have new ideas for your business. Let’s create a new strategy together.


We are your Digital Marketing Partner. Let us execute and manage your digital assets so you can focus on your business. 

About our Pandemic Support Program

This support program has certain requirements for small and medium businesses. For micro and small businesses who are adapting to Digital Marketing on their own, our eBooks can help you.

This program is for SMEs who meets the following criteria:

  • Spends at least ₱500,000 per year on Marketing
  • Must disclose remaining marketing budget
  • Generates at least ₱5M in sales per year
  • Willing to work with Consultants and Coaches
  • Open for performance-based campaigns

Here are the help you can get from this relief program: 

  • Digital Marketing Consultation
  • Website / E-commerce (or a Redesign)
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • High-level Digital Business Plan
  • Minimum 1-year engagement

14 + 5 =


Please note that this support program is for businesses that make at least ₱10M per year. Here are some FAQs.

For other businesses, please see our eBook offer here: 

What is NetRev SME?

NetRev SME is the MSME business arm of NetRev Marketing Group. We create digital products for MSMEs.

How much is the support?

We can support at least ₱200,000 up to ₱1M for your campaign, based on the final assessment. 

What does the pandemic fund do?

We are here to subsidize some digital marketing executions for your business.

Do I need to spend anything?

Yes. Our program aims to support your marketing budget. By doing this, we also share the risk and losses.

Note: We are NOT a loan or finance company. We simply want to help businesses by helping augment marketing service expenses by professionally managing your company’s marketing and advertising budget. 

If you application for our program get approved, you will also receive a Platinum Membership for SupportPH.Biz.

We have been developing products and services over the years. We are passionate about helping MSMEs specially after this pandemic and this is our simplest way that we can contribute to our community.

When you join us today, you will be able to access our community and when we launch our new projects, you will be able to get exclusive rates.

To start off. By purchasing our eBook here, you will get FREE ACCESS for our upcoming marketing and advertising platform Support PH Biz. We only have 10,000 freemium accounts available so the earlier you buy, the higher plan you get for free until December 2022. Yes, until the end of next year! 

Plans Monthly Available
Standard (₱12k/yr) ₱1,500.00 3000 – 7000
Gold (₱30k/yr) ₱2,250.00 1001 – 2999
Platinum (₱60k/yr) ₱3,000.00 First 1000

We are giving away 10,000 FREEMIUM Memberships until Dec 2022. Grab a higher plan while it’s available! These memberships are worth around ₱200M in membership fees that we give to support MSMEs.


We are here to help you increase your NET REVenue!

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