Digital Content That Converts

An eBook bundle that will help you get started with Digital Marketing


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Guiding SMEs into Digital Marketing

In this eBook guide, we you learn how Strategy, Content, Social Media are important to growing your business with Digital Marketing. 


Create a Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan. Know your target market wants.


Create your content consistently to build trust and credibility with your audience.

Social Media

Connect with your customers and engage with them regularly.

3 Bonus eBooks

These Bonus eBooks are supplementary guides for your Digital Marketing.

Making an Impact To Help Local Businesses Thrive During Pandemic

NetRev SME is the digital business unit of NetRev Ventures for local businesses in the Philippines.

Our goal is to create and develop digital products, courses, and platforms that will help SMEs in the Philippines grow their businesses online because we believe that digital businesses will thrive through the pandemic.

Digital Business Tools For The Next Normal

Things You Need To Succeed Online

  • Local Business Website – your business website is owned by you. This is your best channel to protect your business and customer data more than anything else.
  • Customer List – having your customers’ name, email, mobile number, will enable you to know more about them and will make it easier for you to send them promos and updates. The money is on the list.
  • Social Media Presence – a strong social media presence will help your business win online. Maximize and optimize social media to drive sales.
  • Regular Content – many businesses are challenged to create content. If you believe content is important but it’s too time-consuming, consider automation and outsourcing.

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