Statements on market growth, returns-on-investment, an increase in sales made by NetRev SME, netrevsme.com, are only indicative of potential changes in your business. All testimonials and examples are used as illustrations and demonstrate exceptional results which are not typical of the average person.  Similar outcomes are not guaranteed in any specific case, no matter how similar the circumstances may be around you and your business. Results will always vary depending on individual capacity, work ethic, skills, and experience; business setup, strategy, application, and execution; political and socio-economic climate, and other external factors, whether common or unusual.

NetRev SME is not responsible and will not be held liable for your actions. You are solely responsible for your business decisions, regardless of the source of the ideas and recommendations. You are expected to undertake your own due diligence in the evaluation and use of our products and services. You agree that NetRev SME is not liable to you or your business in any way, for any results that could be directly or indirectly linked to the usage of our products and services.

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