NetRev SME is a new business unit backed by NetRev Ventures,

a successful digital company for more than 15 years. 

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Helping SMEs through the pandemic

We are funded by NetRev Ventures and the sales we get from NetRev SME will be spent to help local businesses.

We are committing 80% of our sales to help local businesses and the local community during this time of the pandemic.

What We Are Preparing For You

Starting on August 2021, we are organizing webinars, trainings, and conferences to help MSMEs with Digital Marketing. 

We also have a lot in store for you as a Founding Member when you purchase our first digital product!

Here’s how we are spending our Funds:

SME Fund

We are giving back 50% to our SME fund where we will create and develop new digital products and marketing platform that would help SMEs maximize the opportunities online. 

Donations Fund

Since we got locked down, SMEs have been supporting many fund-raisers and doing what we can to contribute to our Front-liners. With every eBook purchase you make, we have a Donations Fund to support our front-liners!

Operations Fund

We are NOT a non-profit organization but our main goal to help SMEs. We believe that supporting SMEs will drive economic growth.

Support PH Biz is FREE until December 2022. Please read information below:

We have been developing products and services over the years. We are passionate about helping MSMEs specially after this pandemic and this is our simplest way that we can contribute to our community.

When you join us today, you will be able to access our community and when we launch our new projects, you will be able to get exclusive rates.

To start off. By purchasing our eBook here, you will get FREE ACCESS for our upcoming marketing and advertising platform Support PH Biz. We only have 10,000 freemium accounts available so the earlier you buy, the higher plan you get for free until December 2022. Yes, until the end of next year! 

Plans Monthly Available
Platinum (worth ₱60k/yr) ₱5,000.00 First 1000
Gold (worth ₱30k/yr) ₱2,500.00 1001 – 2999
Standard (worth ₱12k/yr) ₱1,000.00 3000 – 7000

We are giving away 10,000 FREEMIUM Memberships until Dec 2022. Grab a higher plan while it’s available! These memberships are worth around ₱200M in membership fees that we give to support MSMEs.